By day he's Jim the Pool Guy. By night he's Lord of the Wasteland. Follow the story of an international cosplayer and witness the transformation from the ordinary to the extraordinary.  Jim "TANK" Dorsey has been sewing and making his own costumes since he was a small boy. He would get lost in the intricacies of his costuming or painting small figurines for hours. Soon, he discovered another passion: punk rock, namely The Misfits. 

Always determined to be the best at his passions and endeavors, TANK later became the tour manager for the Misfits for 13 years. In that time he traveled the world with the legendary music act and still remains close to many of the members to this day (Surprise interviews with punk rock legends to be unveiled in the documentary!). Throw in a brief stint as a professional wrestler and a small business owner in Northern New Jersey and you've got the gist of this enigmatic man who many costumers call their leader and friend. 

In 2011 a friend convinced him to start costuming as the Lord Humungus from Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior. TANK, a heavyset guy at the time, dedicated himself to the idea and by the next year had transformed his body to fit that of the character. Now he travels the world as the Lord Humungus and delights fans of the Mad Max film franchise.

humungus: a documentary

A Film by Faye Murman coming soon